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Because of your support, Public Citizen is able to hold government and corporate powers accountable. Thank you.

joanToday I am announcing that I am stepping down as president of Public Citizen after 27 incredible years of leading this remarkable national public interest organization.

During my tenure, we have achieved so much for the people of this nation. Every consumer in America has benefited from our advocacy work. I am proud that Public Citizen under my leadership has played such a significant role in Congress, in government agencies and in the courts to protect the public health, safety and democracy for everyone in the U. S. In the past 27 years, we have helped pass significant laws benefiting consumers, opened access to government information, enhanced congressional ethics and campaign reform, as well as stopped some of industry’s most egregious efforts to rollback public protections. Among our accomplishments:

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Public Citizen has teamed up with to campaign for change in America. Now, we need your support! has launched its “Ideas for Change in America” campaign, in which individuals and organizations can submit their ideas for big change in the country. will present the top 10 ideas to the Obama administration on Inauguration Day, and will build a national campaign to advance each idea in Congress.

What’s our big idea for change in America? Keeping toxic toys and other dangerous goods off store shelves.

Please take a few moments to read more about this issue and support us as we push Congress and the incoming Obama administration to carry out the critical consumer product safety reforms lawmakers passed this year. We need votes from activists like you to make it to the second round in the campaign, so please vote now and encourage all your friends to pledge their support, too.

Keep in mind that your vote will not register until after you’ve received a confirmation email from Once you’ve clicked the link inside the confirmation email, click the vote button again to make your vote counts.

It’s time to put the safety of consumers above corporate profits. Please, vote now to keep give this idea momentum and help it come to fruition


The election is over, but our work has just begun.

We must roll up our sleeves to reverse some of the damaging policies enacted over the past eight years. We have a chance to make real change happen. But we need your help.

We’ve have waited so long for an administration that is willing to promote an agenda for people – not corporations. Now, we have the best opportunity in a decade to put government back on the side of the people. Join us in making our “Citizens’ Agenda” a priority in 2009 and beyond so we can:

  • Put homeowners ahead of CEOs in the massive Wall Street/auto industry bailout
  • Clean up government by breaking ties between lawmakers and big corporate dollars and lobbyists
  • Boost wages, ensure import safety and protect the environment by replacing the failed NAFTA/WTO trade model
  • Create green jobs and stabilize the economy with clean, sustainable and renewable energy
  • Ensure safety of toys, pharmaceuticals and other products
  • And more

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