As revolting as a prank YouTube video featuring two Domino’s pizza employees defiling food products for delivery was, it should not have been pulled down so quickly.

A New York Times story today about the prank stated, the video was removed from YouTube “because of a copyright claim from Ms. Hammonds” (one of the two employees). In the meantime, Domino’s posted a response YouTube video, apologizing for its employees’ actions.

While Domino’s has the right to protect itself from libelous comments – the employees have since said it was not actually food for delivery – doesn’t the public have a right to know that the controversy is happening? At the moment, the public can only see Domino’s side of the issue.

If Hammond was the one who complained, that means she did not post the video herself; otherwise, she would be able to take it down on her own. Shouldn’t the video poster be able to respond before YouTube removes the video in question?

This situation reinforces the need to change the DMCA so that takedowns don’t happen without notice and an opportunity to respond.

Note: the videos are still available on the always reliable Consumerist.

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  • Liam

    Yeah, no. What they did was a direct attack on the Domino’s name brand. YouTube and anyone else hosting the videos should remove them. And if you believe that the sandwiches were not delivered and that this was all a prank, you are the single most gullible person on the internet.

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  • Steve

  • WHOA! A “public Citizen consumer represetantive” just got on national news in response to the hydroxycut product pull by the FDA and just said it was important to regulate (put in the hands of the expensive access denieing drug and medical companies) ingrediants in consumer health supplements that existed before 1994 (which are currently unregualted by the FDA thank GOD!)

    What the hell is Public Citizen doing handing over our consumer choices to the damn medical industry?

    Are you crazy?
    Hell I usually support you guys but do you REALLY think that letting the MEdical establishment/FDA regulate what people choose to supplement their own health with is going to increase their safety?

    Have you LOOKED at the horrible studies the medical industry has done and products that have been given to the public THEIR WAY like killing staitns and other profit drugs. Now you want all supplement ingredients treated like regulated drugs? NO WAY.

    I DO NOT WANT you guys telling me I can’t make my OWN decision about what supplements I want to TAKE!

    Tell that stupid spokesperson of yours to SHUT UP.

  • David

    Oh, dear. It saddens me, deeply, to see how ignorant are the people reading and commenting at the Public Citizen web site. Is this the Public Citizen constituency? I may have aligned myself with the wrong organisation. Wow. Time to re-think my priorities.

  • Sigh….. I’d just like to be able to eat tuna fish again.

  • Sigh……….I’d just like to be able to eat tuna fish again.
    No one would ever eat out or order in if they had a bird’s eye few of what goes on behind the scenes; I have. UGH!

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